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Red Ants Pants Festival

The Red Ants Pants Music Festival was founded in 2011. It is designed to bring people together and is a program of the Red Ants Pants Foundation.

The Castle Museum

‘The Castle’ is an imposing mansion built in 1892 by Bryon Roger Sherman, and is now the home of the Meagher County Museum.  The Victorian landmark is made of hand-cut granite blocks hauled by oxen from the nearby Castle Mountains.  

Natural Mineral Hot Springs

Native Americans traveling through this valley were the first to discover and make use of these Hot Springs. They felt the hot mineral water had a strong medicinal effect, healing the body and strengthening the spirit. They called these springs the “Wampum Waters.” Wampum translates roughly as “good” or “beneficial.”

The Bair Family Art Museum

The Bair Family Art Museum, built in 2011, sits adjacent to the late 19th century Charles M. Bair family home along the Upper Mussellshell River. The Bair site is just north of the majestic Crazy Mountains and west of the Castle Mountains. The museum features five state-of-the-art, climate controlled galleries.

Showdown Ski Resort

Showdown is Montana’s oldest ski area. The secret to this place in addition to great skiing and snowboarding, is the friendly folks who work, live and visit here.